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Transition Cattle to High Energy Diets in Days, Not Weeks

Lactipro advance® from MS Biotec contains the world’s only patented culture of
rumen-native bacteria, Megasphaera elsdenii

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The World’s Only Supplier of Megasphaera elsdenii

MS Biotec is pioneering the use of the rumen-native bacteria Megasphaera elsdenii (NCIMB41125) to enable cattle producers to transition cattle to high energy diets faster. We are the sole patent holder of this naturally-occurring bacteria.

Our PhD-led teams partner with leading universities and research facilities to advance the science of feed transitions and validate every product we bring to market.

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Why Lactipro advance® ?

Lactipro advance® from MS Biotec enables dairy and beef producers to cut roughage-to-grain transition time by up to 50%, increasing energy concentration and improving profitability.

  • A liquid product containing a high level of viable Megasphaera elsdenii, 2 x 108 cfu/mL
  • Given as a drench utilizing an anaerobic delivery system to ensure high cell counts
  • Available in convenient package sizes to drench the following number of animals:

Beef Feedlot


Dairy Cows


Dairy Calves


Lactipro advance®:

  • Cuts transition time to finishing feed by 50%
  • Reduces number of rations fed in the feeding operation
  • Increases your bottom line
  • Provides ready-to-use drench application
  • Enables producers to market cattle sooner
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How Does Megasphaera elsdenii work?

On traditional step-up diets, naturally-occurring Megasphaera elsdenii in the rumen of cattle takes three weeks or more to reach population levels required by the animal to effectively handle high-concentrate diets.

As cattle transition to higher-concentrate feed, lactic acid may accumulate in the rumen if Megasphaera levels are not sufficient.

  • If lactic acid builds up, the rumen’s natural pH balance can become too acidic and health issues can result — from acidosis to rumen damage to weight loss, bloating and more.
  • Megasphaera elsdenii metabolizes lactic acid, converting it to less acidic short-chain fatty acids that provide nutrition to the animal and enable better regulation of rumen pH.



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Be a part of our PhD-led team and partner with leading universities and research facilities to advance the science of feed transitions.

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    The QC Analyst will be responsible for conducting routine and non-routine microbiological/chemical analysis at our production facility in Wamego, KS

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  • "Megasphaera elsdenii is the most powerful tool for nutritionists and operators."

    Dr. Jane LeedleMicrobiologist
  • "If I can use Lactipro to take the nutrition stress out of changing that diet, that has been where I’ve seen Lactipro working on a feed yard with 10,000 head down to the guy who feeds 500 head."

    Dr. Brian DorceyDVM
  • "Lactipro allows us to get cattle on finish feed ten days sooner. Cattle on feed for 110 days show like 120-day cattle, that’s why we identify them with a Lactipro ear tag. I always sell these cattle first."

    Danny HerrmannOwner-Manager, Ford County Feed Yard
Sales Inquiries Phone: 877-907-5315
Customer Support Phone: 877-907-5315
Location 1300 Kaw Valley Rd.
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