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Trey Thompson

Accounting Manager

Mr. Thompson has an agricultural background, having grown up in a small town in Eastern Colorado.  His summer job while growing up in Stratton was working as a farm hand for 4M Feeders, which coincidentally, is a current MS Biotech customer.  Mr. Thompson received the Boettcher Scholarship, then proceeded to attend the University of Denver, where he graduated with a B.S. Degree in Finance, with a minor in Leadership Studies.

Following graduation, he began working at La Vaca Cattle Co., where he also interned during his final year of college, as a senior accountant.  La Vaca Cattle Co. is a financial office that trades the futures market, both for hedging and speculation purposes.  Mr. Thompson joined MS Biotech, Inc. in October of 2015.  He started with the company as a Senior Accountant, and was promoted to Accounting Manager in May 2016.  Mr. Thompson’s current duties consist of managing the monthly accounting and financial reporting process, as well as handling all Human Resources responsibilities.

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