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Leander van der Walt

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. van der Walt brings more than 20 years of Marketing and Sales experience to the company. Prior to joining MS Biotec International, Mr. van der Walt was the Managing Director for Megastarter Biotech in South Africa, from May 2009 through December 2010. Megastarter Biotech was the company that originally founded and developed the proprietary strain of Megasphaera elsdenii, which was commercialized in November 2005. From December 2002 through May 2009 Mr. van der Walt was General Manager for Kemira Phosphates in South Africa a leading provider of Animal Feed Phosphates in 33 countries in the world.

He served on the European Management team for Kemira Phosphates International from March 2006 through May 2009. From September 1998 through November 2002, Mr. van der Walt was Business Development Director for Molatek Feeds, a leading Molasses based Animal feed manufacturer in South Africa. Mr. van der Walt is a certified Charter Marketer with over 10 years of International Marketing and Sales experience. He received his Master in Business Leadership, Honors degree in Leadership Development and his B.S. degree in Animal Science, all three at Universities in South Africa.

All team members:
Justin Harpe
Director of Production Operations
Carl A. Guthrie
DVM Chief Commercial Officer
Dr. Celine Aperce
Director of Research and Development and Quality Assurance
Aaron Hund
Director of Marketing & Business Development
Cale Wiehe 
Director of Sales
Ryan Moss
Director of Finance