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Dr. Celine Aperce

Director of Research and Development and Quality Assurance

Dr. Aperce did a 2-year professional university level degree specializing in biotechnology at LEGTA Auzeville in Toulouse, France. She then obtained a master in general agriculture from the Engineering school of Purpan in Toulouse, France. In 2007, Dr. Aperce moved to the US and worked on the interaction between Bacillus spp. and Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium in immune/inflammatory signaling from swine intestinal epithelial cells for her master at Kansas State University (2007-2009). She was then involved in research with beef feedlot animals emphasizing on nutrition, ruminal fermentation and microbiology. Her focus for her PhD at Kansas State University was on factors influencing Escherichia coli O157:H7 colonization of the gastrointestinal tracts of feedlot cattle.

She also performed and overseen a number of in vivo and in vitro experiments assessing Megasphaera elsdenii benefits for cattle, horses and poultry. Since she joined MS Biotec team in January 2013, Dr. Aperce has been working as Director of Research and Development designing and supervising Megasphaera elsdenii NCIMB 41125 experiments. R&D efforts resulted in the launch of our second-generation product Lactipro Advance® in April 2015 and in the award of an SBIR Phase II grant. Dr. Aperce is actively working on developing the next generation product. Since July 2015, Dr. Aperce is also overseeing the Quality Assurance Department and developed extensive Standard Operating Procedures for the Wamego production facility. She continuously works to ensure that MS Biotec operate above GMP, GLP, and FDA standards. In addition, Dr. Aperce is an adjunct professor at Kansas State University and is helping mentor/supervise graduate students. 

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