With a pioneering technology like Lactipro advance®, you need a state of the art production facility to ensure quality is above industry standards.

Our production facility houses a redundant state of the art batch fermentation process. The foundation of this process is a facility which employs equipment and utilities that are robust, and a process that is innovative and well-researched.

The production of Lactipro advance® starts with raw materials that are certified food grade components. These raw materials are tested, validated, and documented by both the manufacturer and MS Biotec®. These materials are utilized to create a proprietary growth medium for production of Lactipro advance®. All of our production processes meet the guidelines of good manufacturing practices (GMP), including full audit trail documentation and testing. Our quality assurance process creates a product that is of the highest quality and consistency.

Lactipro advance® is a monoculture of our patented strain of Megasphaera elsdenii. Producing a monoculture of Megasphaera elsdenii relies on several critical constraints. Megasphaera elsdenii is a fastidious, obligate anaerobic microorganism. Therefore, our production process, starting from manufacturing our proprietary growth medium to final product packaging, is a closed anaerobic system that is tightly monitored. In addition, the entire process must be completely sterile. Our fermentation process lines employ steam in place (SIP) sterilization technology. Steam in place technology is widely acknowledged as the gold standard for sterilization in laboratory and pharmaceutical processes. Lactipro advance® packaging is a leading edge technology design, which is constructed of a high barrier bag material that provides an anaerobic environment and is contained in a sturdy exterior box for an easy to handle format for onsite application.