MS Biotec® is proud to be the world's only provider of Megasphaera elsdenii, a highly prolific lactic acid-utilizing bacteria commercially marketed as Lactipro advance®. Since its release in late 2010 Lactipro advance® has provided a unique management tool to dairy and beef producers for improving the bottom line.

Over the last several years we have received feedback from producers, veterinarians and nutritionists and through this communication our R&D team has developed the second generation of Lactipro advance®. By modifying the production process we are now able to produce a product that is twice as concentrated in order to provide the same number of Megasphaera elsdenii in a reduced drench size.

It is with this highly anticipated innovation that we proudly introduce Lactipro advance®. It contains 2x10^8 cfu/ml.

As industry leaders we will not stop here, we will continue to listen to our customers and work toward further improvements to better serve the industry.

Megasphaera elsdenii is the prominent lactic acid-utilizing bacteria found in cattle consuming concentrate based diets. As such Megasphaera elsdenii plays a critical role in maintaining optimal conditions in the rumen for fermentation. However, when cattle are on high forage diets Megasphaera elsdenii populations are typically low. 

When concentrates are introduced, populations of Megasphaera elsdenii may not be adequate to utilize the lactic acid being produced. This creates a gap between lactic acid production and lactic acid utilization, which results in accumulation of lactic acid, depressing rumen pH and leading to acidosis. 

Lactipro advance® provides a viable population of Megasphaera elsdenii at the time concentrates are introduced, bridging the gap between forage based diets and concentrate based diets.

Thank you for your continued feedback. We hope you enjoy the new Lactipro advance®.