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Benefits of Lactipro for

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Feedlot Cattle

Lactipro® from MS Biotec enables beef producers to support healthy rumen pH and improve profitability by shortening the step-up to finishing feed, reducing stress of terminal processing, and easing transitions of sick cattle back to their home pen. Lactipro supports healthy rumen pH by delivering a superior lactic acid utilizer, Megasphaera elsdenii NCIMB 41125, directly to the rumen to improve productivity and profitability by streamlining feeding operations while supporting animal health.

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Beef Cows

A cow’s rumen microbial population is typically adapted to forage. Cows grazing crop residue — either downed corn or grain stubble — can consume large amounts of grain in a short time, leading to lactic acid buildup in the rumen and potentially bloat and death. Lactipro helps reduce risk of grain overload in cows grazing crop residue by populating the rumen with a large quantity of a superior lactic acid utilizer — the rumen-native bacteria Mega e® (Megasphaera elsdenii NCIMB 41125).

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What is Lactipro?

Lactipro harnesses the power of Mega e, a superior lactic acid utilizer, to enable beef producers to support healthy rumen pH and improve profitability. In 2020, MS Biotec launched two new product lines with stability of months instead of days — LactiproFLX® and LactiproNXT®.

Lactipro places a high number of Mega e into the rumen, its native environment, where it immediately begins targeting lactic acid. Both products can be used for feedlot cattle and beef cows.

  • LactiproFLX is a convenient capsule of Mega e

  • LactiproNXT is a low-volume drench of Mega e

MS Biotec is a co-owner of the patent for Megasphaera elsdenii NCIMB 41125 and Lactipro contains live cultures of this prolific lactic acid utilizer.

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We’ve been using Lactipro for the last five years. From our Lactipro research, what we saw was a significant reduction in the time it takes to get cattle back up on feed following terminal processing.

Dr. Abram Babcock

President, Adams Land & Cattle

If I can use Lactipro to take the nutrition stress out of changing that diet, that has been where I’ve seen Lactipro working on a feedyard with 10,000 head down to the guy who feeds 500 head.

Dr. Brian Dorcey


Lactipro allows us to get cattle on finish feed ten days sooner. Cattle on feed for 110 days show like 120‑day cattle, that’s why we identify them with a Lactipro ear tag. I always sell these cattle first.

Danny Herrmann

Owner-Manager, Ford County Feedyard