MSBiotec®'s vision is to be the leading provider of Megasphaera elsdenii to the ruminant and related animal market.

MSBiotec® provides high performance products and innovative solutions for the beef feedlot and dairy markets. The company has strong synergies with feedlots, dairies, animal health entities as well as nutritionists and veterinarians.

MSBiotec® utilizes a new state of the art production facility in Wamego, Kansas. Continuous focus on quality control ensures that all products exceed industry standards for the production of probiotics.

By providing solutions and building long-term relationships, MSBiotec® focuses on aspects that are of primary importance to valued customers, consequently enhancing the economic value of each individual customer. The company continues its growth and success by developing novel solutions for the animal production industry. Together with enhanced product innovation, technical support, as well as excellent research and development resources, MSBiotec® ensures that customers stay on the forefront of technology by providing them with the best applied solutions.

July 21, 2010—the first commercial animal drenched with Megasphaera elsdenii NCIMB 41125 in the United States.